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The “VORTEX” line of professional hardware is made for those drummers who are looking for a lightweight flexible solution for their setup and performance needs. All parts are machined of structural grade aircraft aluminum and steel for strength, stability and a great reduction in weight. Hi-quality grade ‘8’ fasteners are stronger and more serviceable than current industry standard rivets. The shape and design of the leg assembly is not just for looks.

The “cyclone” or “vortex” shape has a key advantage over the typical hardware design that is being produced by most of today’s drum manufacturers. As the normal load forces (i.e. impact shock during playing) are applied, the stand absorbs the shock by coiling or twisting about its center axis. This “spring like” rotation gives the stand the appearance of twisting into the ground creating added stability as opposed to the bouncing that occurs with traditional rigid braced legs. The twin cylindrical rubber feet on the end of each leg offers an increase in the floor contact area of the legs and reduces creeping.