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All Axis Percussion Hi-Hats have been improved!  The lower collar and receiver have been redesigned to be more rigid when locking the hi-hat in an upright position and includes sound insulation.  There is now a plated foot board height strap with adjustment points and a stainless steel upper rod for added strength and appearance.  Included in the improvements is a machined memory lock that comes on each Axis Hi-Hat.

AXIS produces high performance hi-hats with three foot board options. There is the AXIS X-HI-HAT with a standard length foot board, the LONGBOARDS HI-HAT and the LASER HI-HAT with a wide symmetrical foot board.

With the precision pull roller bearing design, AXIS HI-HATS play with the same precision and accuracy that is demanded from a 2nd bass drum pedal. All AXIS HI-HATS have the 6-way “Set and Forget” pedal tension adjustment to easily attain precise spring tension. You can quickly change and remember the pedal tension that is needed for different musical styles.

AXIS HI-HATS are made of lightweight, yet tough, solid aluminum. The innovative VORTEX leg design is both strong and durable. The 150 degree spread on the front leg assembly was designed so that it can freely rotate into any position leaving plenty of room for easier double pedal placement. Redesigned lower terminal affords strength and quiet operation.



Included with all AXIS HI-HATS is the AXIS PRO CLUTCH. Made of lightweight anodized aluminum, the PRO CLUTCH positively locks your top cymbal in place while the top and bottom 3-point feltless washer system gently cradles your cymbals and eliminates the need for sound robbing felts. The PRO CLUTCH also allows you to independently tilt your top cymbal.