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John Favicchia’s DHARMA ALL STARS

///John Favicchia’s DHARMA ALL STARS

John Favicchia’s DHARMA ALL STARS


The DHARMA ALL STARS are a group of New York based professional musicians driven by the extraordinary vision of master drummer and band leader John Favicchia. Formed in 2001, the group performs a mix of many styles of Jazz from John’s three critically acclaimed CDs. Each member has been hand picked based upon their individual musical talent and the manner in which they enhance the overall sound of the band. They are all highly experienced world class players who have their own groups, compose and arrange music for themselves and others, are constantly being sought after as studio musicians, or are touring members in the bands of well known stars. They now bring their combined musical talent and experience to The Dharma All-Stars in order to create a vibrant and exciting sound that brings audiences back time and time again.

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