This years Laguna Drumfest had long time loyal Axis artist Anthony King (16 years) participate in the two day event that included an interview on Canal 10 Megacanal’s entertainment show Lo Mejor de la Semena with televison host Raphael Pavon Wong and Laguna Drumfest Director Absalom Ruiz where Anthony presented ARaphael with an Axis Tee Shirt and displayed his Axis A Longboard Single Pedal in Classic Black.
During the second night of the festival Anthony met Mexican drummer and teacher Christian Del Toro Ruiz with his wife Anna Leslie, Christian is a left handed drummer and owns the exact model pedal that Anthony plays and as a joke one of the stage assistants showed Anthony the pedal just after Anthony’s sound check and Anthony was confused until he actually looked at his personal pedal still on the drums. As Christian finished his sound check, Anthony surprised him with an Axis Tee Shirt and a hand full of Axis logo decals.
But perhaps the most touching moment of the last night was when purely by random, Anthony wrote on the back of an Axis decal (Axis X Single Longboard Pedal, Thank you and on behalf of Axis Percussion, Congratulations! Anthony King) and during intermission Anthony singed autographs as was drawn to a young drummer name Octavio Castro who had no ideal what was to come at the end of the night.
At the end of the night Anthony made a very special announcement and called to the stage the holder of the Axis Decal signed by Anthony so when Octavio made his way to the stage, he was congratulated and presented on behalf of Axis Percussion USA this box. When Octavio opened the box and pulled the brand new Axis X Single Longboard pedal he actually stood in shock for a good solid 10 minutes in a daze but was so very happy.
Both Octavio and Christian sent a message to Axis saying how the experience has changed their lives and how happy Axis has made them.