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Gina Schock

With influences from John Bonham to Charlie Watts, it’s no wonder much of The Go-Go’s energy revolves around the power-pop style drumming of Gina Schock. Gina’s polished playing has remained constant over the years. Cultivating, outstanding and entertaining, with grooves that are textural and also embellishing. Gina’s deep layers can be heard on classic hits by The Go-Go’s such as: We Got the Beat, Vacation, Beatnik Beach, Our Lips are Sealed, He’s So Strange, and Turn to You, just to name a few. Visit The Go-Go’s Official Web Site at!

Selective Discography:
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Solo Albums:
Albums with the Go-Go’s
Beauty and The Beat
1981 I.R.S. Records

1982 IRS Records

Talk Show
1984 IRS Records

Go-Go’s Greatest Hits
1990 IRS Records

Behind The Music
The Go-Go’s Collection
2000 VH1 and A&M Records

God Bless the Go-Go’s
2001 Beyond Music
Solo CD’s

House of Schock
1988 Capitol


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Singles with The Go-Go’s

Our Lips Are Sealed
Cool Jerk
We Got The Beat
Head Over Heals
Get Up and Go

Video/TV with The Go-Go’s

“Behind the Music”

“Totally Go-Go’s Live” Video