Straight from school John was launched into the frantic and developing group scene that was England in the 60s, immediately winning his own county beat group contest . Constant one-nighters were the order of the day, and he was soon sharing the stage with the likes of The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Van Morrison, and many others who were destined to become International Stars.
The seventies saw him branch out into the touring club and theatre show group circuit with bands aimed at the cabaret audience. Late in that decade, feeling a need to move on from the constraints of a regular band John decided to and take a shot as a freelance, and thankfully this gamble paid off. He became first call drummer for a leading studio in his area (and in 1981 whilst continuing with studio gigs, he also worked with twenty different artistes on their live perfomances). In the late 80s John took to writing and had many articles published by Modern Drummer Magazine plus other publications in England.
Whilst continuing with his busy freelance schedule he also went into partnership and opened a music store with Lou Dias ,who was already owner of the legendary Supreme Drums of London. At this period, and for reasons he still cannot explain, calls started coming in from the Folk / Rock area of music, and a lot of his live work seemed to swing in that direction. The most recent of John’s work has been involved with the re uniting of those who were in at the beginning in the 60s.
On Axis “I have tried just about everything in the way of hardware – and nothing comes close to the innovation and quality found in Axis pedals and stands.”