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George Kollias

George Kollias – Tom Southerton ASSEVERATIONS Drum Tracking teaser

Here’s another Drum Tracking teaser from a studio album that i just finished. I’m proud to present you Tom Southerton’s collaboration with Prashant Aswani and myself for the ASSEVERATIONS album! This is an album like nothing you heard before, totally nuts and totally mind blowing! Metal? Fusion? […]

George Kollias 2016-12-30T03:08:26+00:00

Jorge Iacobellis – Primal Wisdom

Jorge Iacobellis – PRIMAL WISDOM – Official Video

El Trabajo de producción del video clip con el tema Wisdom, fue realizado por la directora Silvia Loren para L.Producciones.
Con imagenes del debut de PRIMAL en Buenos Aires el 10 de septiembre del 2016 en UNICLUB, en el marco de la Primal Sudamerica Tour 2016.

The work of […]

Jorge Iacobellis – Primal Wisdom 2016-12-28T03:18:35+00:00

Steve Stephens Video – Sunset

Axis Artist Steve Stephens sent in this video, “Sunset” recorded at O’Dark Thirty Studios. Steve is using Axis Snares, Hi-Hat and bass drum pedals. Axis Designer, Darrell Johnston comments, “The snares are built with super high quality bearing edges as well as solid aluminum CNC machined lugs. What makes the drum sound exceptional here is […]

Steve Stephens Video – Sunset 2016-09-12T02:38:26+00:00

Tips For Safe Drum Storage At Home

What is it that you love most about playing your drum kit? Would you like to be able to enjoy this experience for a long time from now on? Then you will need to put some effort into it. Namely, do regular cleaning and maintenance. Sure, it doesn’t sound appealing, but so will your […]

Tips For Safe Drum Storage At Home 2016-03-08T08:41:25+00:00